Starting from JUST £8,695 this model allows your personality to really shine through! Now including the new combination and roof colour choices, choose from an updated bespoke range. With improved fuel consumption and a stop start EU6 engine, it's a no brainer!



We love the MG3 in every dimension. With an eye-catching stance and design details that draw you from every angle, the compact MG3 asks to be driven - and you'll have a lot of fun when you do. It's perfect for drivers who have the personality to match it - if you dare to try!

Key Features Include:

  • LED daytime running lights as standard
  • A 'visor' wrap-around style windscreen
  • Choose from distinctive colours, individual graphic packs and interiors
  • A choice of alloy wheels
  • Personalised mirrors caps for stylish manoeuvres


Beauty is not just skin deep - and there's so much more to the MG3 than just beauty...

The MG3 may be deceptively small outside, but it plays in the big leagues once you open the door. With easy technology, acres of space for five passengers and a comfortable, sporty driving position, the MG3 puts you at the heart of the action.

Electric windows (front and rear) come as standard, even on the entry-level 3Time, but if you take the plunge and step up to the 3Form, you'll get Bluetooth audio streaming and telephone integration!

For further details, enquire today by calling Coventry MG.​

MG3 - Make yours as individual as you are!

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MG3 360° View

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